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“Hire for attitude, train for skills”

In a recent issue of The New Yorker, Atul Gawande, the gifted writer and accomplished doctor, published yet another of his must-read accounts of the health-care crisis and the innovators trying to change things for the better. One of the organizations he highlighted was a physician practice in Atlantic City, N.J., that has “reinvented the idea of a primary-care clinic in almost every way.” 

The Special Care Center does all kinds of things differently from other medical practices, including hiring full-time “health coaches” who work with the doctors but spend almost all of their time with the practice’s low-income patients, helping them manage chronic illnesses and improve their lifestyles.

How does the practice’s leader, Dr. Rushika Fernandopulle, find the right people for these unusual (but critical) jobs? “We recruit for attitude and train for skill,” Dr. Fernandopulle told Dr. Gawande. “We don’t recruit from health care. This kind of care requires a very different mind-set from usual care. For example, what is the answer for a patient who walks up to the front desk with a question? The answer is ‘Yes.’ ‘Can I see a doctor?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘Can I get help making my ultrasound appointment?’ ‘Yes.’ Health care trains people to say no to patients.”

Now that’s an effective prescription for innovation! Over the years, as I’ve studied high-impact organizations that are changing the game in their fields, they’ve adopted a range of strategies and business models. But they all agree on one core “people” proposition: They hire for attitude and train for skill. They believe that one of the biggest challenges they face is to fill their ranks with executives and front-line employees whose personal values are in sync with the values that make the […]

HOW TO: Win the War for the Most Talented Employees

In 1997, McKinsey, the leading business consulting firm, published its famous study and book “War for Talent,” predicting a multi-decade shortage of skilled talent in the U.S. economy. We all know that wars are most often fought over scarce and important resources. Talent is certainly one of them…

HOW TO: Win the War for the Most Talented Employees.

Succession Across the Generations – Talent Management

The media and some talent professionals have hyped the need for companies to adapt to younger employees. However, in the process of making concessions, some organizations have lost sight of fundamental talent management principles, particularly succession planning, which includes actual readiness, not just generational adaptability.

Succession Across the Generations – Talent Management.

Generatie Y in the workplace

Generatie Y in the workplace onderzoek door Johnson Controls en Haworth over de invloed van generatie Y op innovaties op de werkvloer.

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